Fixed Implant Retained Dentures

These are known as hybrids because they are dentures, but unlike the preceding dentures, these dentures can only be removed by the prosthodontist.

Six to eight implants are placed depending on if it is an upper or lower prosthesis. The dentures themselves are then screwed directly into the implant. This hybrid denture is excellent for a patient that has just recently lost teeth and who does not need a full denture for lip and cheek support.

If you have lost a lost of facial tissue support then you would not be a candidate for this type of denture since this denture is not made to support these areas and the result will be displeasing esthetically.

Fixed lower denture

Patients most frequently report:

  • Increase in chewing ability. Most patients describe it as being taken out of a wheelchair and being able to walk again
  • No soreness, since there is no stress on the underlying bone and tissue. The implants actually maintain the bone and gum tissue since the denture is no longer pressing on the bone and the implants act as roots that stabilize the jaw bone.
  • Improved tactile sensation
  • Increase in taste and temperature sensation (upper denture only)
  • Increase in self confidence