The Team Approach

Prosthodontic treatment often requires concurrent treatment with one of the
other recognized specialties:

  • Periodontics -
    Treatment of gum disease,
    implant placement

  • Endodontics -
    Root Canal Treatment

  • Orthodontics -
    Tooth straightening

  • Oral Surgery -
    Extractions, surgical jaw alignment
    and augmentation, implant placement

  • Pediatric Dentistry -
    Specialists in children's dentistry

The need for treatment by another dental specialist is usually evident during the initial diagnostic phase of your treatment. Our office will accommodate you by making the necessary appointments for consultations with each specialist that will be required for your treatment. Sometimes , the need for treatment by another specialist may not become evident during the treatment planning session, but does become evident and indicated during the treatment phase. Before embarking on a program of prosthodontic treatment, it is important that you are aware and understand the potential need for additional treatment by both the prosthodontist and other specialists.