Upper Implant Retained Dentures

Patients love this type of denture, which requires the placement of eight implants, because the denture no longer needs to cover the palate (the inside root of their mouth). These patients feel they have better taste sensation and more temperature sensation of their food. The upper jaw has thinner bone than the lower jaw, thus the need to place more implants.

If cost is a problem, we can always place less implants. The retention would not be compromised but the denture would need more support and we would achieve this from your palate and therefore a full palate would be required.

The surgeon will place the implants as directed by the prosthodontist. Once the implants are healed you will return to our office for records, registrations, and impressions. Two metal structures will be made, one is the bar that is screwed in on top of the implants (the substructure) , the other is the suprastructure that fits on top of the bar with a friction grip. The denture is then fabricated incorporating the suprastructure inside of it. The result is a tight fitting immobile upper denture with no palatal coverage.

This type of appliance is removable and does need to be removed in order to clean and floss around the bar and clean the denture also.

Conventional denture covers
covers roof of mouth completely.

Implant retained denture.
Roof of the mouth is uncovered.

Bar that supports
implant denture.

Inside of overdenture
has clips.